Healing Through Movement

” Helplessness and Isolation are the core experiences of Trauma, Power and reconnections are the core experiences of RECOVERY – Judith Herman

Most survivors of trauma talk about feeling stuck, unable to heal, or unable to move…it doesn’t matter how or why they felt trapped wether they were literally tied down or if it was a child who was trapped in an emotionally unavailable family. A core concept of healing from trauma and Empowerment.

Though the methodology of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), survivors are empowered by being in charge of their own body and the facilitator is there to help guide them to notice internal sensations….like noticing a particular muscular dynamic, that they are breathing or noticing their feet on the ground. Inviting participants to notice a felt sense of their body along with making choices based upon what they feel in their own body is an empowering experience. Facilitators do not prescribe or ┬átell them “what their experience should be”. ┬áParticipants are not only in charge of their own body but also their own experience. Relationships can be a part of trauma and they are one of the most important aspects of healing.

Isolation is trauma and connection is recovery. TCTSY is relationally based, having a shared authentic experience together is one of the core concepts. Realistically there is a power dynamic between the participant and facilitator no matter how much we don’t want there to be one. Lets not pretend its not there, instead lets work to share power. Shared power focuses on empowerment and reconnection. Many survivors are waiting for the next shoe to drop…waiting for the facilitator to say one thing and do something else. Besides being true to what you say, one way to start reconnecting is though having a shared authentic experience meaning that the facilitator and participant are noticing feelings or sensations in their bodies together in the same space. Connection through non verbal movement is powerful. Building a safe and predictable felt sense of ourselves and our bodies along with experiencing trusting relationships is an important part of the healing journey.